To our valued customers

Recently we made the decision to go to market pricing
for our whole and party wings. The reason did this
was the age old problem of supply and demand.
Chicken producers cannot keep up with demand for
chicken wings and the supply are short.
We now have 8 different suppliers for wings but
we cannot be guarantee what wings will be available
at any certain time. That’s why we went to market pricing.
Until supplies become stable again, we will update
our prices on the website daily.

Current wing prices

whole wings

5 pc.    $10    7pc.    $13    10pc.    $17

12pc.    $21    20pc.    $29    50pc.    $73

Party wings

10pc.    $8    20pc.    $15    30pc.    $22

Please note that the party wings are smaller than our whole wings.

We also have pricing for wings that do not include

Ranch Roll and Celery to help you save money.