Beekers store hours

5pm to 2am

Friday bonus special!!!!!

10 boneless wings and a small 1 topping pizza $12

Small 3 topping pizza $9

Large 3 topping pizza $13

Try one of our new lab special pizzas!!!

The veggie garden

black olives bell peppers mushrooms tomatoes onions

Protein lab explosion

ham Italian sausage pepperoni bacon beef

The whole lab

onion mushroom bell pepper black olives ham Italian sausage pepperoni

Beekers INFERNO chicken

Dipped in your choice of mild, medium, hot, honey hot, honey habanero, Jeclke and Hyde, or Bad experiment sauce and served with a roll.

2pc dark     $4.00

3pc dark     $5.50

4pc dark     $6.50

6pc dark     $8.50

8pc dark     $10.00

 The $5.50 special!

Items on this special change daily!!!

small spinach salad

small Caesar salad

small fettuccine alfredo

small spaghetti

made in store from Mr Beeker’s mothers 60 year old recipe

Beekers HOT fried chicken

3 piece mixed

Legs and thighs only

Choose from mild, medium, hot, bad experiment, Jeckle and Hyde, honey hot, or honey habanero sauces

Italian sausage sandwich

with onions and bell peppers

1 piece catfish and fries

 Absolutely no substitution for the for fries

grilled or fried chicken sandwich

small 4 cheese spinach dip

grilled or fried pork chop sandwich

 Queso cheese sticks

loaded baked potato

with grilled chicken or Broccoli

corn nuggets

grilled shrimp

limited time offer

Items on this special change daily!!!

Void where prohibited by law

or where people want to go hungry!

Free banana pudding yesterday!!!

It was epic!!!

See what happens when you don’t visit our website for daily specials!

.45 Boneless Wings Every Thursday open to close!!!